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Is your project management workflow better/worse than mine?

You can’t run away from admin work. You just can’t. It will hunt you down now matter how hard you try to hide or run away from it. But that’s OK, because admin work is part of the job you do. Almost every business owner has to deal with a bunch of admin work on…

Read Post / May 31, 2016

Hey world! Meet #BlabbingTranslators!

This is going to sound crazy, but I have never met another translator in real life. View post on I know! It sounds insane because I’m doing so much online marketing that me being friends with other translators in real life almost seems warranted. But it’s not the case for me, sorry. I might…

Read Post / February 4, 2016

On Dreaming Big and Moving Forward in 2016

You know, a lot of us choose stability over progress. It is safer that way. It’s really scary to move forward when you have a seemingly perfect life. You have a constant flow of work. Yes, some people might say that you’re working for peanuts, but why would you care? It’s your business decision. It’s…

Read Post / December 30, 2015

Who Is The Most Inspirational Translator?

Reading time: [reading_duration] [/reading_duration] Inspiration. We all need it, don’t we? It helps us get out of bed in the morning. It helps us find that much-needed confidence. The confidence that helps us be who we’re and fight for our place under the sun. [bctt tweet=”Inspiration is a very important ingredient in the successful business…

Read Post / October 20, 2015

This Is Who You Should Blame For Low Translation Rates

Reading time: [reading_duration] [/reading_duration] Me. Seriously, blame me. I’m that a-hole who is responsible for low translation rates. I’m sorry guys, but I can’t help it. It’s been a very bad habit for a very long time. I developed this habit over the years by participating in never-ending price wars on all sorts of job…

Read Post / September 7, 2015

Guest Post: On Ignorance And Not Knowing In Translation Industry

Reading time: [reading_duration] [/reading_duration] Hey guys! This week I’m trying something new. And I’m really excited about it! Olga Reinholdt, a colleague of mine, offered to write a guest post on my blog and when I’ve read it, I couldn’t say “No”. Because it is absolutely fantastic and it is something that needs to be shared…

Read Post / August 11, 2015

How To Give Your Freelance Career A Boost

Feeling Like Your Freelance Career Could Use A Little Boost? Reading time: [reading_duration] [/reading_duration] You’re a pretty good translator. Don’t doubt it for a minute. I know you are. And you’re pretty smart too. Choosing the fastest growing industry was a very smart move. So kudos to you. But is “being good” enough? Will your mad…

Read Post / August 3, 2015

Is Proz Dead Or Alive?

Ode To Proz Reading time: [reading_duration] [/reading_duration] “Proz is dead.” I bet you’ve heard that one before. This is what people say in 2015. This is what they said in 2010. And I bet that this is what they will be saying in 2020. Many translators have somewhat of a love-hate relationship with Proz. With…

Read Post / July 27, 2015

The One App Every Newbie Translator Should Use

The Single Thing You Can Do As A Newbie Translator Is… Reading time: [reading_duration] [/reading_duration] Start Learning. Wait a minute… “Didn’t I just spend 5 years getting my master’s degree in linguistics and translation? Is it ever going to end? Can I just be a translator already?” Well… yes, you can. And trust me, you’ll need…

Read Post / July 20, 2015

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